About Us

Welcome to Modify My Device – Your Trusted Partner in Device Solutions!

Our Story:
In 2022, Modify My Device proudly acquired Jet City, a longstanding name in the industry with over a decade of unparalleled service. Known for maintaining the highest customer retention rates, Jet City laid the foundation for excellence in device repairs.
Our Expertise:
At Modify My Device, we specialize in fixing devices with precision and care. Our experienced team ensures that your devices receive the attention they deserve, backed by years of industry expertise. We take pride in our commitment to quality repairs and customer satisfaction.
The Next Chapter:
Expanding beyond repairs, we've recently introduced exciting new services to cater to your diverse needs. Customize your device with our range of high-quality skins, adding a personal touch to your gadgets. Explore our e-commerce store, where you can conveniently shop online for all your accessory requirements.
Diverse Services:
  • Customization: Express yourself with our device customization services, elevating your device to reflect your unique style.

  • E-Commerce Store: Discover a seamless online shopping experience for a wide array of accessories, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

  • Data Recovery: In addition to our renowned repair services, we now offer reliable data recovery solutions. Your memories and information are in safe hands with our advanced recovery techniques.

  • Device Insurance: Safeguard your investment with our exclusive Device Insurance Program. For just $49.99 upfront and $6/month, enjoy 50% coverage on your next device repair—no hefty deductibles. Protect your device with transparent and affordable insurance, available at Modify My Device.

Why Choose Modify My Device:
  • Legacy of Excellence: With the legacy of Jet City and our commitment to quality, we stand as a testament to reliability and customer satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: From repairs to customization and e-commerce, we provide a one-stop solution for all your device-related needs.

Join Us on this Journey:
Modify My Device is not just a service provider; we're a community that values your connection with your devices. Join us on this journey of innovation and reliability.
Ready to experience the Modify My Device difference? Visit our store at 216 N Wells St.